Personal Survival Plan

Each person or  family needs to develop a Personal Survival Plan which addresses all survival needs for those individuals in the event of a successful terrorist attack that knocks out electric power to one or more target cities.

Complete Self sufficiency for one for up to one year should be everyone’s goal

When developing your survival plan Think what you will need to have to survive if the year were suddenly 1817 instead of 2017

The Present Reality in the Target Cities

  • There are no  credible recovery plans or  sufficient stockpiling of emergency supplies; food, water, medical supplies, fuel for police, fire, sanitation  vehicles, etc  by government agencies at all levels.
  • Nowhere in the country can the flood of desperate refugees from the target cities be accommodated without causing chaotic conditions for both the refugees and the people living in the areas the refugees flee to.
  • This situation is not likely to change until after the terrorist have struck

The closer you are to the target city the greater your threat of survival. Local, State and Federal agencies will be concentrating their resources in the target city to provide millions with basic necessities and security. They will be overwhelmed. Chaos and widespread lawlessness will force those that can to flee. These refugees will be hungry, thirsty and homeless. Refugees will want what you have.

The Survival Plan should include Preparations in Those Areas Listed Below Appropriate to your situation

click on the categories for details

To minimize the exposure of your home to attacks by criminals and desperate refugees do not tell anyone that you are making disaster preparations or stockpiling supplies

No one wants to have to implement a personal survival plan and possibly have to defend yourself, your family, and your survival stockpile with force. Though it is not possible to stop a well planned, determined terrorist attack it is possible put in place measures to reduce the damage of such an attack, see the post Countermeasures.


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