Pre Attack Preparations

Pre attack preparations will depend greatly on the distance from the target city. The closer to the target city the greater the disruption of normal day to day activities and the availability of essential services and commodities. In the electronic age where the whole country is tied together distance alone does not make one safe or unaffected.

The Federal and  State Governments could declare Martial Law giving them extraordinary powers to suspend any laws they determine interfere with restoring order and providing essential services. The Federal Government will nationalize the National Guard and along with Federal troops send them into the target city to restore order. Federal and State Governments could mandate that all privately owned firearms are illegal and confiscate those that are not turned in to the police or military in the name of public safety. Federal and State governments may also issue “anti hoarding” laws and confiscate privately held survival stockpiles  for distribution to those who did not prepare.

The information in each of the pages detailing specific survival preparations are suggestions based on my situation and experience. Individuals should make survival preparations based on their situation using my suggestions as  starting points. There are many useful sources of information and guidance on the topic of  survival that should be consulted on the web, books, and available from government agencies.