Food Stockpile

  • Freeze Dried Food,  purchased or made using a dehydrator and a vacuum sealer
  • canned food, purchased in cans or canned from fresh
  •  salt, for preserving food and seasoning
  • pepper and other spices

Grow your own food

  • stockpile commercial seeds for future gardens
  • save seeds from the plants grown in the garden
  • select easy to grow and hardy plants
  • select plants to supply essential vitamins and minerals
  • protect garden from animals; rabbits, deer with perimeter fencing
  • make a compost heap from plants, fruit and vegetable scrapes
  • compost used to improve garden soil
  • protect garden from thieves

Safe storage of food

  • prevent spoilage from temperature extremes
  • prevent spoilage from water
  • prevent animals and insects from eating or infesting food
  • secure food supplies from thief

raise animals for food

  • chickens for meat and eggs
  • pigs, goats, sheep, cattle but require significant land, water  and food
  • grow food for animal

use of garden grown fruits, vegetables and animals for bartering


  • Select a sunny location but near to house to see intruders approaching
  • Remove all existing plants including roots and runners
  • Build a fence to keep rabbits and deer out of the garden
  • Add fertilizer and compost
  • Rototill soil to mix in fertilizer and compost