Without an adequate intake of nutrition survival beyond a few weeks is unlikely. Even after a few days without food the ability to perform routine functions are impaired.  After not eating for just a few days people who normally would obey the law and respect other people’s property will do neither, particularly if they believe no food will be provided otherwise.

People who are starving are desperate people. If you have food they will do anything to get at your food stockpile or garden. To survive you must protect your food supply how ever you can. You should  hide your food supplies but it is not possible to hid a garden. You may be forced to use force to protect your food stockpile, garden and food animals.

Food Stockpile

  • Freeze Dried Food,  purchased ready made or made locally using a Freeze drier.  Food can last decades. Freeze dried food is the best way to stockpile adequate emergency food supplies.
  • dehydrating and a vacuum sealing food is another way to preserve food for long periods but not nearly as long as freeze dried.
  • Commercial canned food, bulky which limits use as a food to take if the need to evacuate becomes necessary
  • canned from fresh produce. Limited to which foods can be canned, can not be allowed to freeze, canned food will be edible for a year from date of canning
  •  salt, for preserving food and seasoning
  • pepper and other spices

Grow your own food ensures being able to have food without depending on outside sources. Must have the space to grow sufficient food and then preserve enough food to survive until the next harvest.

  • stockpile commercial seeds for future gardens
  • save seeds from the plants grown in the garden
  • select easy to grow and hardy plants
  • select plants to supply essential vitamins and minerals
  • protect garden from animals; rabbits, deer with perimeter fencing
  • make a compost heap from plants, fruit and vegetable scrapes
  • compost used to improve garden soil
  • protect garden from thieves

Safe storage of food

  • prevent spoilage from temperature extremes
  • prevent spoilage from water
  • prevent animals and insects from eating or infesting food
  • secure food supplies from thief

raise animals for food

  • chickens for meat and eggs
  • pigs, goats, sheep, cattle but require significant land, water  and food
  • grow food for animal

use of garden grown fruits, vegetables and animals for bartering


  • Select a sunny location but near to house to see intruders approaching
  • Remove all existing plants including roots and runners
  • Build a fence to keep rabbits and deer out of the garden
  • Add fertilizer and compost
  • Rototill soil to mix in fertilizer and compost

Successful  hunting for wild  animals to provide food depends on your location

  • In the country with few people nearby is the best situation for being able to provide wild game animals for food for yourself and family
  • The more people in your immediate area the more hunting competition and the fewer game animals available to hunt as many are being killed for food
  • people fleeing the target city will kill games animals for food for themselves or chase them away by their presence