Electrical Power

Electrical power  stock piles and preparations can be as simple as spare batteries for

  • flash lights and lanterns
  • radios
  • cell phones
  • computers
  • motor vehicles; cars, trucks, tractors, boats

Stockpile batteries with the longest shelve life for small battery power devices. For motor vehicles stockpile batteries with the longest useful life.

Gasoline or Diesel generators require very large stockpiles of fuel for sustained use for weeks or months. Spare parts for these generators need to be stockpiled. A small manually operated generator can be used for temporary power such as to recharge rechargeable batteries, small electrical devices.

Solar panels and Wind generators can be used to replace grid power but these back up systems are expensive and complex. To have power when the sun doesn’t shine or the wind doesn’t blow requires some sort of energy storage system. Banks of batteries are most commonly used but other storage systems are possible such as compressed air. Energy storage adds more expense and complexity.