Without  functioning police and fire departments the two most threatening emergencies to your survival are a fire in your home and an attack by either large numbers of homeless, thrusty, hungry, desperate refugees or well armed home invaders.

Even a small fire in your home can quickly consume the entire structure if there is no effective means to extinguish the fire quickly. If the fire gets too big for you to control you must evacuate your family from the house.  Once everyone is safe. it may be possible you can get help from neighbors to try to extinguish the fire or at least contain the fire so it doesn’t spread to nearby houses. Without the availability of professional  medical care serious burns and smoke inhalation damage can be fatal. You can live without your house.

  • You should have an evacuation plan and practice it with your entire family
  • Hand held fire extinguishers can be used try to control the fire before it spreads. Your survival stock pile should include many fire extinguishers placed inside and outside the home.
  • Trusted neighbors should be organized to fight a fire.
  • Plan with your neighbors what everyone should do and rehearse your plan.
  • Stock pile and disperse fire fighting equipment; hoses, ladders, axes, shovels, hand operated water pumps, around the neighborhood.
  • Have a plan and survival supplies (hidden) far enough away from the home to survive a fire in the likely event your home is destroyed by the fire

An attack by desperate refuges or home invaders will probably require you to use deadly force to protect your family.

  • Have a plan what to do if attacked.
  • Rehearse your plan with your family
  • Organize trusted neighbors to come to each others aid in the event of an attack.
  • Plan with your neighbors for an attack by a large numbers of refugees