Survival in  northern states where temperatures fall well below freezing much of the winter requires keeping warm. Adequate shelter, warm clothing and blankets are essential so is a heat source. Wood fires could provide enough warmth to survive the winter. Large quantities of wood would have to be stockpiled and protected from thieves. Coal can be used as a supplement to the wood or a substitute. Because Coal contains much more heat energy than wood much less by volume of coal needs to be stockpiled. The fireplace or furnace system  must be able to safely burn wood or coal to prevent disastrous fires in the shelter or accumulation of poisonous gases in the living quarters.

Kerosene or propane heaters can be used for heating small areas with proper ventilation. Propane furnaces can heat the entire house. Kerosene or propane fuel stockpiles must be kept a safe distance from the house in storage containers designed for storing each fuel. The fuel containers need to be protected from thieves.

Spare parts for all heating equipment should be stockpiled. Matches or some igniter for furnaces should be included in the stockpile.

Extra insulation should be stockpiled for use to  improve the heat retention of the shelter.