Attack Planning

Information needed to develop a detailed attack plan can be easily found on the world wide web.

  • Location and Specifications of  Power Plants supplying power to the city
  • Detailed Ariel photographs of power plants,
  • Detailed Ariel photographs of the substations showing the location within the substations of the large  power transformers
  • Critical infrastructure power transformers are located in the substations surrounded by high walls. These walls are built to make it difficult for a terrorist to be able to hit the transformer with direct fire weapons. The high walls can not protect the transformers from an aerial attack by drones, piloted ultra light or small private aircraft
  • Detailed Ariel photographs of the routes of the high voltage  transmission power lines.
  • Detailed Ariel photographs  of the roads around the substations and power lines which the terrorist  will use to reach their targets
  • Detailed Ariel Photographs of targets for diversionary attacks such as major highways in or around the city 


Terrorists then on need to perform an on-site reconnaissance.

  • to verify the plan developed from information on the web  is still valid and reflects current conditions on the ground.