Commerce and Finance

  • Commerce and Finance will be chaotic because without electric power the communications systems and banking computers will instantly cease to operate. On a personal level credit cards, checks, Debit cards and any other payment method requiring communications and computers will become unusable. The only currency acceptable will be paper cash. On a business level billing and revenue collection will essentially be halted. Business to Business, Business to supplier, Business to Banks will have to be on a paper cash basis.
  • Your stockpile should include at least 6 months supply of paper cash on hand to be able to pay for food, gasoline, essential bills. Business should have at least 6 months supply of paper cash on hand to pay suppliers, pay back loans. Banks need enough paper cash to make loans and pay withdrawals.
  • Because computer systems used to store information for saving accounts, Retirement accounts, loans payments may be unavailable or destroyed paper copies documenting the status of all personal and business transactions should be made and kept in a secure, fire proof location.
  • Ecommerce will be severely impacted as the internet will be unavailable to many, on line payments will be disrupted as banks will not be able to process electronic money transfers.
  • The transportation of goods purchased on line will be hampered by the lack of fuel and general chaotic conditions in areas surrounding the target city.
  • Foreign US Debt holders seeing the damage to the American economy may demand payment for the Trillions of Dollars they hold. This could force an American bankruptcy. It is unlikely the debt holders will want America to declare bankruptcy but they may demand a higher interest rate. The higher interest rate on the 20 plus Trillion Dollar debt will further cripple the nations economy.
  • The stock market will crash following an attack wiping out Trillions of Dollars of value from retire accounts. If New York City is the target city it could take months or longer until the country’s financial markets can even recover partially. The disruption to the economy could be so sever the economy, far worse than 2008, would collapse.