Minimum Firearms and Supplies for Personal Protection,

Firearms should be similar to those being used by the police and military for  spare parts and ammunition compatibility

  • Semi automatic Rifle in .223 caliber for protection against rioters, looters, and  home invaders.  Short rifles, with a 16 inch barrel, are light weight, accurate to 300 yds. low recoil, much easier to shoot than a pistol. Ammunition is compact and light weight. These rifles should be your primary self defense weapon.
  • bolt action rifle with telegraphic sights .Used to hunt large animals for food
  • bolt action .22 LR with telescopic sites. Used to hunt small animals for food, control small vermin
  • 12 gauge shotgun. Used to hunt small animals and birds for food, vermin protection
  • .22 LR revolver to control small vermin
  • .357 revolver for larger animal hunting and protection
  • 9mm or .40 cal pistols for personal protection.  These pistols should be carried at all times along with a .223 cal. short rifle


The availability of ammunition will be very limited as manufactures will be required to supply police and military before civilians. Stock piles of ammunition for each weapon should be able to meet the anticipated needs for a minimum of one year

Ammunition Reloading

Ammunition reloading can stretch ammunition stock piles buy reusing the brass cases of  fired  cartridges. Components and tools should be stock piled for each center fire cartridge including the 12 ga shotgun .

  • Cartridges cases to replace lost fired cases.
  • Bullets
  • pellets for shot shells in sizes for each animal and bird hunted
  • primers
  • gun powder

Spare Parts and maintenance supplies

The availability of spare parts and maintenance supplies  will be very limited as manufactures will be required to supply police and military before civilians.

  • spare magazines for the short rifle and each pistol
  • spare parts to replace broken, worn or lost parts
  • maintenance supplies; lubricating oil and grease, cleaning supplies


Fences and Barriers

Fences should be built around all critical structures and property. Build the fences as quickly as possible following a terrorist attack from supplies stored out of sight. These fences should be as difficult to penetrate as possible. Multiple barb wire or razor wire fences tall enough that an adult can not jump over them. Fences should be secured to the ground to prevent persons from going under them. Passive intrusion alerting devices such as metal cans with rocks should be fixed to the fences.

  • The Home
  • Stand alone structures housing survival supplies which can not be stored in the home such as gasoline, propane tanks, fuel oil and other bulk hazardous materials
  • Garages housing all  motor vehicles
  • Gardens
  • Barns where farm animals are kept
  • Wood piles used for heating
  • Wells

Barriers should be constructed following the terrorist attack to supplement the fences and add additional protection against physical attack.

  • Covered anti personnel trenches with the bottom lined with spikes pointing upward
  • hidden anti personnel Snares
  • Concrete or rock anti-vehicle walls
  • Anti vehicle trenches
  •  Water filled trenches

If possible all fences and barriers should be illuminated at night and motion detectors placed to detect breach attempts and successful breaches.