An attack on a target city can impact water supply systems both directly and indirectly.


  • Water pumping facilities require many electric pumps and valves
  • Water purification and filtering facilities also require many electric pumps and valves


  • All mechanical equipment, electric motors, pumps and valves,  wears out and breaks. If the needed repair  parts are manufactured in the target city,  water supply systems not directly effected by the target city blackout will degrade and cease to operate.

As water is essential to life very high priority needs to be given to ensuring an adequate supply of drinking water and clean, disease free water for sanitation.

Water can come from may sources; rivers, streams, lakes, ponds, rain water but all water needs to be filtered, and purified  before consuming. Chemicals can be used for purification until they are consumed. Boiling water is the most convenient method to purify water as it only  requires a fire. Fires need fuel. Wood is the most common fuel but wood can quickly become scare.

Stockpile as much wood as possible and be prepared to protect your stockpile.

Water for sanitation must be clean and free of organisms that can cause disease. Filtering and boiling are required.